Q: What is polymer clay?

A: Polymer clay is a synthetic type of modeling clay. It is safe, non-toxic, and remains pliable until baked. It is a super versatile medium that can be shaped and altered in so many creative ways, including jewelry. One of my favorite aspects of polymer clay is how lightweight and comfortable it is to wear!


Q: How do I care for my polymer clay jewelry?

A: Like all jewelry, your polymer clay pieces also need taking care of. While durable and long lasting, without the proper care they are susceptible to breaking or other damage. For best longevity, avoid getting them wet or storing them in a humid area such as a bathroom. Keep out of direct sunlight, and avoid getting any harsh chemicals on them. Because of their nature, they can be scratched or gouged by sharp objects. If they get dirty from makeup or other staining, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and gently remove it. Please avoid bending or manipulating your earrings.

Many of my earrings are accented or finished with gold filled pieces. While gold filled is more friendly to sensitive ears, they also can get dirty and may need to be cleaned gently with rubbing alcohol. Brass and bronze metals may tarnish over time if exposed to water and oils from the skin, but can be cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth or a tarnish remover. 


Q: Are your earrings safe for sensitive ears? 

A : I take the extra precaution of only using gold filled, or gold plated posts. I specify which kind with every earring description. And while everyone's level of metal sensitivity varies, the metal materials I choose to use often help avoid sensitivity or allergy issues. UV resin is also used  to secure the posts on some of my pieces. Some people can develop a sensitivity to resin. If you are noticing any irritation please discontinue use. 


Q: Do you make custom orders?

A: At this point I am not currently taking custom orders, but it is something I would love to in the future! 


Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: My current processing time is 5-7 business days. Once shipped please give your mail carrier some time to update the status of your package.


Q: Why didn't I ever receive a shipping update?

A: Shopify sends shipment notifications via email. If you did not enter your email address you will not be able to receive tracking/shipment updates. You only receive a shipping notification once your item is getting ready to ship. Please check processing times for info on when you should receive shipping confirmations.